What’s the fastest way to lose weight ASAP!?


I’m not fat nor am i skinny. But I wouldn’t mind losing a pound or two. Does anyone know the fastest way to lose weight as soon as possible? I’m unable to go to the gym and it’s sorta hard for me to get some good excersise! What indoor activities can i do to help me shed the lbs? I live in a two story house so.. please provide me with health tips, health sites etc.. I really appreciate it! thanks a bunch!!



chocolate legs

try drinking lots of water eliminate the sweets or any thing with sugar no flour and if doing house hold chores put on extra clothes oh and make sure the water is room temp for drinking eat more vegetables or smaller amtounts at 4 hours intervals


I drink tons of water a day, and walk a lot. I eat healthy foods with low calories. I also eat a lot fruits veg. and fruts, and I also druink 2 glasses of milk a day. I loose weight fast, but healthy.


Sometimes keeping a food diary can help. Sometimes we don’t remember how much we have snacked on during the day. The food diary can help you see if you are snacking excessively or help you see a bad habit.

If snacking is your problem you can look into a couple of options. You can cut down on your snacking or plan for healthier snacks. Don’t drastically change your diet unless you know that you can stick with it. Otherwise you just gain all of the weight back because you go back to old habits. Just change a little at a time. Try having two “healthy meals” a week. Something as simple as having grilled food, instead of something fried.

Also, to lose weight you really need to do some type of exercise. Find something that you enjoy doing. You will be more likely to stick with it. Maybe walking, swimming, yoga, dance, aerobics. Just whatever you find interesting. If you bore easily you may want to try doing more than one thing. For instance, walking with friends on Monday and Wednesday, yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. The next week try dance on Mon. and wed. and aerobics or Tues. and Thurs.. You just have to find what works for you. The most important thing is to keep it fun and interesting. Take time and try some new things!

I hope these suggestions were helpful. Good luck and just keep the faith in yourself. You can do it. You just have to decide that you are ready to.

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