How to work on eating less and losing weight.?


I’m just 16 years old and I really want to stop my rapid weight gain because of the effects of it on my body (Use imagination here.) If i choose to entet the military I do not want to be the slower, chubby kid who is afraid to shower. I am looking for advice on how to stop my eating habits, food substitutions for junk food, what exercises i should be doing and general health tips. Thanks a lot if you can guide me a little toward the direction of confidence and being fit.




well, Matt i had this same problem as well. maybe you should try low fat food or eat less junk food.Try to eat more veggies or just start running out for a few times a week or get a treadmill. maybe you can go to the gym or if your embarrassed of going to the gym just buy exercise equipment. Which it did help me. or if you have a dog take it out for a walk or a run/jog.

well, hope this helps. :)


Begin to look at the grocery store for things that you like, but in lighter or lower fat versions. You don’t have to give up chips and sodas, hot dogs and chili, etc. Veggies are your friends!! Find the kinds you like and ask your mom how to prepare them with either low or no fat.

I would say the biggest “trick” to it is to keep your mind open. Just because a chip doesn’t taste exactly like the ones you’re used to doesn’t mean they don’t taste good. Same with regular coke an diet coke. You just have to get used to the “new” flavors. There are a number of great lowered fat and no added sugar ice creams. Just look in the freezer section and learn to read labels.

Best of luck to you and I admire that you’re considering the service.

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Increase your metabolism by 43%
Take a fat burner 2 times a day once in the morning after working out and in the afternoon. Fat burners that have green tea in them can raise your metabolism by up to 43%.

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Regular exercise
If you have not exercised recently, you should visit your GP for a health assessment before beginning an exercise programme. It is also important when starting to exercise that you build up gradually.
If you do decide to go to a gym to exercise, ask a gym instructor to advise you about how to warm up, use the equipment, and cool down. As you exercise more often, you will be able to increase the length and intensity of your workout.

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