How do you treat a home that the previous tenants smoked in?


How do you get the smoke out of the house? Just wash everything and air it out I guess? We love this place but don’t like the fact that the people before smoked in it as all the toxins are hazardous to our and our childs health. Any tips?



Mo Fayed

See a doctor. Worrying about poison coming from the walls is an indication that you and maybe your spouse are suitable cases for treatment.

gurkha guru singh

Place carbon granules or charcoal for some time in the corner of each room till the smell gets absorbed

Lisa A

You have to get rid of anything porous that has absorbed the chemicals.

You need to rip out the carpet, drapes, and anything else made of cloth or that is porous and get rid of it.

Then clean the walls (This is a disgusting job. The water will run yellow/brown for ages. Just keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning until the water comes out clear.)

The paint everything to seal in what remains.

That should take care of it.

Julie H

Open the windows, repaint the entire house including the ceilings, get carpet cleaners in to clean the carpet and floors, take all the drapes to the dry cleaners. You should also have a heating/air conditioning company come in to clean the system and replace the filters. Forget about that smoke and the kids. My Dad smoked all the time I was a kid and I’m 26 with no problems at all. He thought nothing of smoking in the winter in the car with all four of his daughters in the car and our Mom. We are all fine so don’t overreact.

SuGeR-PlUm HuNnY-BuN

dont move in there-u dont want r kids getting THEIR lung cancer,do you?


your definition of LOVE amazes me.

presuming you are temporarily “out of your senses”,
try putting something else in the unit that
stinks more than smoke and then, begin getting rid of that

hire a home decorator or someone who is an expert
in showing a home–ask how they show smoker’s homes.

damn smokers.


You should have talked to your landlord about the issue before you signed the rental contract. It should have been the landlords responsibility to get the place completely cleaned up and repainted to get rid of the smell before the place is ready to be rented…

If you do the clean up yourself: Talk to your landlord first. Washing the walls can do more damage than good. Drywall doesn’t take too well to getting soaked. Ask your landlord for advice on what you can do to fix the issue but also remind him that you will have to charge for the supplies, etc. to fix the problem.


I had a friend who’s dad smoked tobacco for nearly 20 years in the house they sold. They painted the inside twice, once because they thought it would cover the stains and then again when the stains bled through again. You may even have to remove the dry wall, try removing anything like carpets and flooring, especially any walls in the bedroom and in the living room. It may prove beneficial though it may seem quite drastic. In the mean time, get a hepa filter.


Replace the carpets and re-paint all walls. If they left behind draperies and window coverings that aren’t washable, replace them all. Wipe down your cabinetry with lemon oil. There really isn’t anything left that is unsafe but you will want to get rid of the smell.

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